2020 Spring League

Due to the COVID-19 Virus. The League has implemented a Modified Season. Please click here to download the Modified Season Policies & Procedures.

Please click here to learn more about the League’s COVID-19 Modified Season.

Join California’s safest high school sport!

Schools and student athletes from across the state are invited to join the 2020 Spring League! Student athletes considering joining a team are required to earn a League-approved firearm safety certification. Existing teams may have limited availability to add new athletes – check with your school. New teams are only limited by the number of athletes that can be on a team as determined by coaching resources and shooting range capabilities.

New teams are allowed to join the Spring League! Learn more about how to start a new team. Once your team is approved, simply have a school official contact us and let us know!

2020 schedule:

In the best interest of all team and student athletes, the League has decided to extend the Modified 2020 Spring Season to June 24th. This will give athletes and teams the most opportunity to participate this season.

Due to the extension of the season into June, all League-sponsored State Tournaments and State Championships will no longer be held. The National Championship decision is postponed until further notice.

Modified & Extended 2020 Spring Season Schedule:

  • April 1: Special Offer and refund process announced for individuals and teams.
  • April 13: Team/student athlete registration closes at noon CT.
  • April 14: Season begins.
  • May 1: Score submissions available in TMS.
  • May 11: Team registration payment due.
  • June 17: Conferences announced.
  • June 24: Season score submission deadline 9 p.m. CT.
  • June 27: Week 1 results published.
  • June 28: Week 2 results published.
  • June 29: Week 3 results published.
  • June 30: Week 4 results published.
  • July 1: Week 5 and final results published.
  • National Championship: July 8th-12th, 2020 – Mason, MI – Qualifying athletes are invited to participate in the USA High School Clay Target League’s National Championship! Visit the National Championship website for more information.

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View our frequently asked questions to learn more about school and athlete eligibility, coaching and shooting ranges or contact us to get started with your new team today!